"These Feelings I Paid For"

Moloch is an electronic music project from Vancouver, Canada. If Billie Holiday had a reese bass Serum patch and Ableton Live, it might sound something like this, probably not though. This kind of music makes me feel a specific way, I make it to chase that feeling. I sometimes make music that doesn’t make me feel like this, but I didn’t include those songs here.

There’s nothing more tedious to me than describing music, but it’s bass-y, modern RnB that draws sonically from Illangelo and Burial, with lyrics that harken back to the 20th century.

I have a new EP coming out, it's self-titled, and it encapsulates everything I've been trying to do with this project over the past few years. It will be available on all digital streaming platforms (June, 22nd, 2021) but I've included a promotional version on this website. Listen to the song above (my favourite from the project right now), download the EP below and enjoy ♥

The EP

Moloch EP Album Art
Moloch EP (2021)

  1. Tuesday3:40

  2. The Deer Above the Mantelpiece Consoles Itself3:28

  3. Blue / Gold / Blue / Gold3:01

  4. These Feelings I Paid For3:21

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A Special Thanks

  • Matt Gibson
  • Ryder McCarville
  • Aidan "Maclean" Parker
  • Stacy Kim
  • Simranjit Bagga
  • Weirdnite
  • Cole William
  • Jordan Clarke